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  • Comcast High-Speed Internet packages with download speeds up to 12Mbps, and up to 15Mbps with Powerboost®

    • Blazing speeds up to 12Mbps, and up to 15Mbps with Powerboost®
    • Up to 7 email accounts with 10GB of storage each
  • as low as $19.99 /mo for 6 months

    comcast cable internet service
  • Verizon FiOS Experience fiber optic Internet speeds, plus reliability with Internet delivered over a 100% pure fiber optic network straight to your home.

    • Download speeds up to 50Mbps
    • Verizon WiFi (with select plans) included
  • starting at $49.99 /mo for 1 yr, plus taxes and fees

    verizon fios fiber optic internet
  • Charter Internet® Choose from five different Charter Internet® high-speed Internet packages with five different download speeds.

    • Download speeds up to 12Mbps
    • Up to 10 email addresses
  • as low as $19.99 /mo for 3 mos, and 2 yr agreement

    charter cable high speed internet
  • U-verse Internet Get fast reliable download speeds over AT&T's advanced fiber optic network with U-verse.

    • Download speeds up to 24Mbps
    • AT&T WiFi included
  • starting at $19.95 /mo for 12 months

    u-verse fiber optic internet
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